Glass Coat Liquid Gloss 240ml Resin Kit

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This is a 240ml kit of Glass Coat Liquid Gloss, containing 120ml each of Part A Resin and Part B Hardener, stirrer stick and instructions.

Liquid Gloss Epoxy Resin creates a perfectly clear glass-like finish equal to many coats of traditional polyurethane or varnish with a single application. Just mix and pour or brush onto the surface.

Can be applied to wood, polymer clay, glass, terracotta, papier-mâché, tin, ceramic tiles, in fact almost all non-porous surfaces.

Can also be used in plastic moulds to great effect. Liquid Gloss is a great home decorator product.

***IMPORTANT - Resin can not be transported by air. Therefore EXPRESS POST is not a transport option for this. If you select express post we will refund the difference and send the full order (eg - all items purchased) as standard road parcel post. Please consider this when purchasing.