Laser Cut Acrylic Hollow Circle Pair 50mm 4 Tag Hole

  • $2.00

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 These are pair of 50mm wide, approximately 2mm thick laser cut hollow circles. They have 4 tag holes, measuring approximately 2mm.

This piece measures approximately 50mm wide. The tag holes are located 1 at the top and 3 along the base.

These pieces are usually supplied with a protection film on (front or back, or both) which can simply be removed.

***VERY IMPORTANT*** If purchasing the gold or silver mirror tile you should only remove the front protective layer. The back layer gives the disc the mirror effect.

Like this shape but want a different size, colour, more or less tag holes? Not enough stock listed for what you require? We have a large range of materials (acrylics, wood and MDF) and in many cases can custom cut to your requirements. Please contact us for availability and pricing.


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