Premo Accents Polymer Clay 57G Block

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This is a 57 gram block of Premo Accents oven bake polymer clay.

The same great polymer clay as Premo! Sculpey® but the enhanced clays in the Premo! Accents line allows for making exciting and unique projects using an artist’s palette. The complete line of Premo! Accents has 26 rich colors:

7 pearlized colors that are great for creating faux semi-precious stones

6 metallic's containing tiny mica particles to create a reflective effect

2 translucents to lighten clays and provide a transparent effect

1 granite containing elements that give the appearance of natural stones

8 glitters for creating projects with a glittery, sparkly finish

Baking Instructions: Bake at 130 °C (275 °F) for 30 minutes per 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness. DO NOT MICROWAVE. Baking should be completed by an adult. DO NOT EXCEED THE ABOVE TEMPERATURE OR RECOMMENDED BAKING TIME.